Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tools for Meditation

There are many forms of meditation, which it great.  I tend to lose focus easily, and with so many resources it's easy to find ones that work best for me, and I can adapt or combine them.  Many times I incorporate the Reiki symbols and chakras into my meditations.

Many times I focus on my breathing as well as another meditation technique.  I am pretty good at multi-tasking, so just paying attention to my breath isn't sufficient (for me) to quiet my mind.  Also, it's pretty important to make sure you are able to make sure you understand and are capable of diaphragmatic breathing.  Besides being good for meditation there are other benefits.  Sitting with a good posture and breathing properly makes sure your organs get the oxygen they need.  You'll feel better, over all, and spend less time sick.  It's also a good tool to use for anxiety and anger. 

Another good tool for meditation is mudras.  I personally haven't used them often, but now that I'm going over the literature I have I'm going to make an effort to try a few of them out.  Mudras are hand positions that are like "switches" for energy circulation.  Different mudras activate different parts of your energy field.  If you are new to meditation and/or mudras I would recommend one for grounding (or being present.)

The Chinmaya Mudra is where the thumb touches the side of the index finger while the rest of the fingers are folded in, touching the palm.  The is good for awareness, and stimulating the energies connected to respiratory functions.  Usually hands are placed on the lap or knees.
I came across a gallery of other mudras.  I haven't examined the site too thoroughly yet, but it looks good.

Mantras are good for keeping focus.  I would recommend doing more research on them, maybe youtube videos to hear how your voices should be, more coming from your gut than your throat.  The idea is you say them over and over, and it helps you focus your intent to the subject of the mantra.  It also can be used as a prayer (from my understanding of it.)  If you find mantras are good for you, look into mala beads, even make your own (you can even use those pony beads.)  In a away they are similar to rosary beads.  they help you keep track counting your mantras.  Traditionally I think you should say they mantra 108 times, twice a day.

Here are a few mantras I have worked with:

Good for connection to higher self .
Om Gum Gurubyo Swaha

To remove obstacles.
Om Gum Gana Patyei Namaha

For abundance.
Om Shrim maha lakshmei yei swaha

For protection.
Om Dum Durga yei namaha.

I didn't write the pronunciation down, so i guess just refer to the above...

For some other simple mantras that may better fit you... google them!

I have to get ready for work, but I hope at least some of this information was helpful!

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