Sunday, September 12, 2010


When I was in elementary school I was picked on relentlessly.  I came home crying nearly every day.  My mom would try to get me to stand up for myself, but I'd reply with a response to the effect of that's not nice.

I spent a while letting people walk all over me.  I struggled with depression and poor self esteem growing up.  That turned into a certain amount of anger over time.  By the time I reached high school I adopted a f*ck this attitude, and made friends with people who were more like me.  I was in the "freak" category, and had a blast.

I am an independent thinker.  I think we all should be.  I think it's important to notice when things just aren't right;  Like skinny jeans and natural gas fracking being exempt from drinking water laws.  Instead, too many of  us live a mindless day at work to pay for endless hours of TV and pay for garbage we may never used that was produced by enslaved children.  Most people are ignorant of the things that make our lives the way it is.

I'm not much into politics, but I like to be aware.  And I want to become more aware of my daily life.  You know, make my life happen, instead of just reacting to life happening to me.  I need to become more "grounded" and get a little more balance in my life. 

Sometimes I may come across as a new-age-whatever.  I don't like the stereotype that goes out with certain things (like I'm a Reiki practitioner and am trying to meditate.)  But that can't be helped because there are a lot of love-and-light nut-jobs out there that have 10 cats, crystal balls, and are more focused on themselves and how "enlightened" they are than the world around them.  I almost typed no offense, but I realized, I don't really give a shit.

Anyway, I guess this blog will be mostly about the progress I am trying to make as a person.  I don't want to end up like those bitter, catty, middle aged women I have worked with.  I want a chance to enjoy life, and to have a stronger spiritual connection.  I don't want to waste energy by being upset by things that really shouldn't matter.

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