Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chakra 5

Names: Vishuddha, Throat Center
Location: Bottom of neck
Area of face:ears
Sense: sound
Color: blue
          Antidote: red
Tone: u (as in blue)
Note: g sharp

Crystals: Sodalite, Azurite,
Aromas: Blue (German) Chamomile, Eucalyptus

Statement: "I want to speak freely and openly."


Many people function from their lower chakras, and society even seems to encourage it.  Opening your fifth chakra is to start to function on a different level, and may be difficult.
This is the center of communication, and you will want to talk about what you are experiencing.  People may fall away, but true friends will always be there, so try to let go of those who are uncomfortable with you instead of holding back. New friends, more on your level, and where you want to be, will start to gravitate towards you.

Children with an open fifth chakra are those who are allowed to speak freely, sing, cry and scream when it is necessary.  They have been encouraged to trust their own instincts.  When they reach school they often have a hard time encountering a new set of rules and values.  This often results in chronic sore throats or ear infections.  They just need to be assured that their reality, although it is different, is valid.
Blue is soothing and calming, effects are especially apparent in small children and the dying. 

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • content
  •  centered
  • can live in the present
  • perfect sense of timing
  • good speaker
  • musically or artistically inspired
  • can meditate and experience divine energy
  • easily grasp spiritual teachings
  • may be overwhelmingly prolific
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • arrogant
  • self righteous
  • talks too much
  • dogmatic
  • addictive
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • timid
  • holds back
  • confused
  • quiet
  • inconsistent
  • unreliable
  • weak
  • manipulative
  • can't express one's thoughts
Contraindications: too much blue for too long may make you sleepy or feel withdrawn.  Yellow and orange can help balance it.  Blue is not helpful for colds, muscle contractions, paralysis or poor circulation.

Glands and organs influenced include the throat, thyroid, nerves, eyes and muscles.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.


Mandalas are a great form of meditation for me.  Even though I am coloring, I'm focusing.  I have a busy mind, and I find in the time it takes me to color these I absorb what I focused on and my mind it quiet.  Another thing I've done to wind down is Sudoku.  It's simple, but requires my entire attention.  After a few it's much easier to meditate!

This book is so awesome I've bought it twice.  It's neat to see the differences when I re-color one. Click on it to buy it from Amazon.

                             Here are some examples I have colored: Click on the image to be taken to the blog with more info on that specific chakra.

Root Chakra:

 Sacral Chakra:

Manipura (3rd chakra at solar plexus.)

Heart Chakra:

Throat Chakra -no blog yet

Ajna (3rd eye): no blog yet

Crown Chakra: no blog yet

These are some other random ones from the book.
The Power of limitless love:
 Human Love

Each page has color recommendations and great affirmations.  I read them periodically as I work on them, it helps keep me focused.  Some of them take hours.  It's very soothing (coloring always has been for me) and gratifying.

Chakra 4

Names: Anahata, Heart center
Location: center of the chest
Area of face:nose
Color: green or pink
          Antidote:none needed
Tone: a (as in ah)
Note: f sharp
Element: air
Crystals:Green Jade from British Columbia,                    Watermelon tourmalin, rose quartz
Aromas: Ylang ylang, rose

Statement: "I want to give and receive love."


The forth chakra is the center or compassion.  When this is open one can transcend their own ego and identify with other people (and all life), and often one gets involved with social causes.  

This chakra is considered one's most vulnerable place.  When one is hurt the first instinct can be to close your heart and build a wall.  Many people have done so from an early age (which is why a majority of the world seems so apathetic.)  

Green is the color of healing.  Green is found in the middle of the color spectrum, and is the most balanced color.  
Pink is the best color for sending love to another person. It is easier for woman to transcend to the 4th chakra, and men to the 3rd, because of the chakras of where the sexual organs are placed.  (Men are more physical, and woman are more emotional.)

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • compassionate
  • humanitarian
  • balanced
  • sees the good in everyone
  • desires to nurture others
  • friendly
  • outgoing
  • active in the community
  • discriminating
  • in touch with feelings
  • empathetic
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • demanding
  • overly critical
  • tenseness between shoulderblades
  • possessive
  • moody
  • melodramatic
  • manic-depressive
  • uses money to control others
  • has the attitude of a martyr
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • self pity
  • paranoid
  • indecisive
  • afraid of: letting go, being free, getting hurt, family members getting hurt, being     abandoned
Contraindictions: none

Glands and organs influenced include the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland, and lymph glands.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

Personal Blurb

Something has been causing me a lot of emotional stress lately.  Something from with in me, I suppose.  I've always been good at figuring out other people, but it usually doesn't even cross my mind to figure out myself.  I've been feeling this way for at least a week, and no, it's not that time of month.  And be careful asking that, guys.  It may cause you physical pain when a high-heel hits your head. ;-)

Lately I read an amazing book, The Celestine Prophet.  The fictional storyline, and the points it makes are awesome.  I highly recommend it.  I read it in a day when my Internet was down, now I am slowly re-reading it and taking notes, because I think it can help me improve my emotional well being, and my way of interacting with other people.  I guess those two things go hand in hand.

I am a scatter brain, I know.  Don't feel obligated to continue reading this.

I have a 20 month old boy.  He is amazing.  You know how it is if you have/ had babies.  I don't rock him to sleep regularly.  He has learned to put himself to sleep.  But he hasn't been feeling well.  To see if he was tired I rocked him in a gliding chair.  When I shifted him to see if he was sleepy he woke up a little.  I was so touched I started smiling a big, goofy smile.  I was beaming.  When he focused on my smile he gave me a cheesy smile that I haven't seen on him before.  I could tell how he was feeling.  I started tearing up.  Moments like this I need to create opportunities for.  Moments like this I need to focus on.  Moments like this I need to remember for always.  I believe that moments like that one are the reason we are here, living. 

Chakra 3

Names: Manipura, Solar Plexus Center
Location: solar plexus
Area of face: throat
Color: yellow
          Antidote: violet
Tone: a-o-m (ahh-oo-mm)
Note: e
Crystals: citrine, turquoise
Aromas: peppermint, lemon

Statement: "I want happiness."


The third chakra is the center or personal power.  When this chakra is open you have found work that gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled.  (It make be outside of your job.)  One way to find this passion is to consider what made you happiest as a child.  It is good to build a positive self image when at this chakra level of development.  At the 6th you'll need to let go of that attachment.

In martial arts this area is considered the chi or life force energy.  This is the center of gut-level intuition.  There is another level of intuition at the 6th chakra.

When parents have goals for their children this sets up a conflict in the child's will.  The child will be torn between love for the parents, and will need to develop power and his or her own.  If the child is loyal to the parents he or she will most likely not find their own form of creative expression, and this may turn into a superiority complex (a reflection of parental pride.)  Secretly these people tend to feel inferior because they were never given the opprotunity to develop a sense of self-worth.
In a less developed person yellow will be mixed with red, indicating a obsession with accumulating things for one's self.  Personal power will be directed towards self serving, and will not bring about fulfillment.  Yellow is the color of happiness.

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • Outgoing
  • cheerful
  • respect for self and others
  • strong sense of personal power
  • skillful
  • intellegent
  • relaxed
  • spontaneous
  • expressive
  • takes on new challenges
  • enjoys physical activity
  • enjoys good food
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • Judgemental
  • workaholic
  • perfectionist
  • overly intellectual
  • as an employer:overly demanding
  • as an employee:resentful of authority
  • may need drugs to relax
  • superiority complex fluctuating with inferiority complex
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • depression
  • lacks confidence
  • worries about what others will think
  • confusion
  • feels controlled by others
  • poor digestion
  • afraid of being alone
Contraindictions: people with nervous conditions and hot, red conditions (fever, infection, etc.) should limit use of yellow light to 10 minutes

Glands and organs influenced include the diaphragm (and breath), adrenals, skin and digestive organs.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

Chakra 2

Names: Svadisthana, Sacral Center
Location: 1-2 inches below navel
Area of face: Mouth, gums, tounge, cheeks
Color: orange
          Antidote: indigo
Tone: o (as in home)
Element: water
Crystals: tigers eye, carnelian
Aromas: Jasmine, sandlewood

Statement: "I desire."


The second chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, emotions,and intuition.  It has to do with one's self-worth, confidence in one's own creativity, and one's ability to relate to others in a friendly, open way.  This is all influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed in one's family during childhood.

The second chakra is one of the centers of the emotions and is in the large intestines.  One who is emotionally imbalanced may experience diarrhea or constipation.  The second chakra is the center of physical prowess.  This area is also known as the tan t'ien and the area.  People are taught to run their energy through here for things like martial arts and Reiki.

This is the area of sexual center particularly women, which may be the reason that woman tend to be more emotional about sexual relations.

The second and fifth chakras are both related to creativity.  Creative energy requires freedom, so this can lead to rebellion, unwillingness to be controlled and intolerance for authority.

Balanced Chakra Energy Charachteristics:
  • Friendly
  • Optomistic
  • concern for others
  • creative/ imaginative
  • intuitive
  • attuned to one's feelings
  • gutsy sense of humor
  • clairsentient
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  •  emotionally explosive
  • aggressive
  • overly ambitious
  • manipulative
  • caught up in delusion
  • overindulgent
  • self-serving
  • clairsentient, but can't distinguish one's own feeling from another's
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • Extremely shy or timid
  • immobilized by fear
  • overly sensitive
  • self-negating
  • resentful
  • buries emotions
  • burdened by guilt
  • distrustful
Contraindictions: Excessive Energy, excessive sexual energy

Glands and organs influenced include the skin, mammary glands, female reproductive organs and kidneys.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chakra 1

Names: Muladhara,Root Chakra, Base Chakra
Location: Tailbone
Area of face: Jaw, chin, lips
Sense: Touch
Color: Red
          Antidote: Blue
Tone: e (as in red)
Note: c
Element: earth
Crystals: Red Garnet, black obsidian.  Wear two in each hip pocket.
Aromas: Patchouli, Geranium

Statement: "I want stuff."


The first chakra concerns your connection with the earth, your culture, your foundation.  This chakra is influenced by your earliest relationships, and if you received unconditional love early on this chakra is likely to be strong.  If not you may need considerable healing of your inner child.

This is considered the center of manifestation and energy and vitality.  

Red is the color of passion, power, self confidence, intensity of energy (sometimes anger), and great strength.  Sometimes repressed anger will show as fever or inflammation. (Red conditions.)

Characteristics of a balanced 1st chakra:
  • Balanced
  • Grounded
  • Self control
  • Healthy
  • Fully alive
  • Abundant physical energy
  • Abundance in life
  • Ability to express anger without doing harm  
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • Egotistic
  • Domineering
  • Greedy
  • Addicted to wealth
 Deficient Chakra Energy
  • Lacks confidence
  • Feels spacey and unfocused
  • Weak
  • Can't achieve goals
  • self-destructive, suicidal
 (Avoid red for all nervous and red conditions including)
  •  Aigitation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Fever
  • Ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Red face
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Epilepsy
Glands and organs influenced by the 1st chakra include: blood, spine, nervous system, bladder, male reproductive organs, testes and vagina.

This information was obtained from an awesome book with a TON of great information on all sorts of things.  This is from the Energy Healing section. The link should bring you to a sample of the book with more about it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hiatus possibly over?

Okay, so I went on a little hiatus.  It gets overwhelming sometimes to organize my thoughts because I have so much to put up.  I actively started this 'journey' probably 3 years ago now when I took a Reiki course.  Since then I have become very interested in Eastern medicine, meditation, some-what actively pursuing my spirituality without being told what to believe, and improving myself.

I used to be very defensive, and I still am at times.  But when dealing with difficult people I can often distance myself from the situation, realize it is not personal, and move on.  Sometimes I can even feel compassion (sometimes) for these twits.  And a huge benefit is not carrying a giant stress ball around in my stomach that is actively attacking my insides and would like nothing better than to give me an ulcer. 

I have also come to terms with the fact that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HAPPINESS.  I thought I would be depressed on and off for the rest of my life, but I had learned how to deal with it, so I was ahead of the game.  And I also assumed it was the outside world and it's events that was causing it.  I highly recommend chakra work and if you have the opportunity shamanistic work.  I know how it sounds.  I'm not talking new age bull, I'm talking old school.  Like before TVs and cars and electricity.  I'm not talking about the bored housewife who has money to spend, but people who had a simple but complete way of life.  There is something to it.  It caught my attention when I noticed correlations between chakra information in a class I was taking and many people in my life.  Just keep an open mind, then decide.

I've thought about posting the journies I've done with the shamanic work, but I'm not sure that would be beneficial to anyone.  (I'm also not sure that it matters because I'm fairly sure very few people would ever read it.) I'd like to post a lot of things that I have found useful (and I have a ton of information), but it is hard to determine what is most relevant.  And this blog was started as more of a way to keep my thoughts together in case I ever want them that way, instead of sifting through a million things later, and possibly losing things I currently find important.  If it helps some one else on their 'journey' that would be great.  I guess it is what it is.