Friday, October 1, 2010

Yoga Mission

About 6 years ago for Christmas I got a yoga mat and DVD from my parents.  I think it came with a book, but I can't be sure.  I think I went through it once or twice (and twice is generous) and it was put to the side.  When I moved back in with my parents I had a ton of shit and did some major purging.  I'm glad I kept the DVD now.

In high school I took yoga as an option for a few weeks in PE.  I loved it.  Our classes were 84 minutes, and for the last 20 or so we would "meditate."  Most people napped.  Another bonus was that I was closer to touching my toes than ever before.  It's pathetic, but I can't even make it to my ankles with out bending my knees.  (On a side note, I once encountered someone completely shocked, "because, like, you're skinny."  I don't know how many people have this idea, nor where it came from.  Being skinny does not mean one is flexible, nor is it required.)

Okay, back to the subject at hand:
The last two days I have done this DVD.  I figure, I have plenty of time for StumbleUpon and FB (more than I want to admit, but I can say I don't watch TV and we don't have table, so don't judge too severely) so why not start doing the things I want to learn.  Maybe someday I will learn a language.  Maybe not. 

I posted a little while back two goal management sites I came across.  I signed up for both of them... and that was it.  Today I entered yoga 5 times a week on Goal Happy.  If I'm going to start using it, let's put in something I am doing (yes, two days counts) instead of overwhelming myself with all the other things I want to do and don't get around to.

When you enter your goal (you can also put in something like have less than 2 times a day) it has a place to enter why it's important to you.  So instead of thinking, wow, I should really do this thing because it's cool, I reminded myself of all the reasons I do want to get into it. [I want to be in better shape/more toned, it relieves the (minor) back pain I have, yoga hand help me be more mindful/grounded (which is something I need a lot of help with), I've wanted to be more flexible for at least 10 years, and to help balance out my energies (think eastern medicine.)]

It also has an area to enter things that you think may help you achieve your goal.  I'm going to try to do the yoga video during my toddler's morning nap on the mornings I don't work, and on nights that my fiance isn't home.  The other days I'll squeeze it in somewhere. 

I have already learned that my son thinks I'm a jungle gym when in these positions, so it's a little more challenging with him belly flopping on me, crawling under me and climbing me.  My friend also mentioned that her 70 lb dog thinks it's playtime when she's down on the floor.  Considered yourself warned if you are thinking of picking up the habit.

Here is a link to the benefits of yoga. Massage your organs today!
And here is a link to Gary Bromley's dvd on Amazon starting at $1.99.  I say it's worth the investment... even if it takes you 6 years to use the damn thing.