Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Personal Blurb

Something has been causing me a lot of emotional stress lately.  Something from with in me, I suppose.  I've always been good at figuring out other people, but it usually doesn't even cross my mind to figure out myself.  I've been feeling this way for at least a week, and no, it's not that time of month.  And be careful asking that, guys.  It may cause you physical pain when a high-heel hits your head. ;-)

Lately I read an amazing book, The Celestine Prophet.  The fictional storyline, and the points it makes are awesome.  I highly recommend it.  I read it in a day when my Internet was down, now I am slowly re-reading it and taking notes, because I think it can help me improve my emotional well being, and my way of interacting with other people.  I guess those two things go hand in hand.

I am a scatter brain, I know.  Don't feel obligated to continue reading this.

I have a 20 month old boy.  He is amazing.  You know how it is if you have/ had babies.  I don't rock him to sleep regularly.  He has learned to put himself to sleep.  But he hasn't been feeling well.  To see if he was tired I rocked him in a gliding chair.  When I shifted him to see if he was sleepy he woke up a little.  I was so touched I started smiling a big, goofy smile.  I was beaming.  When he focused on my smile he gave me a cheesy smile that I haven't seen on him before.  I could tell how he was feeling.  I started tearing up.  Moments like this I need to create opportunities for.  Moments like this I need to focus on.  Moments like this I need to remember for always.  I believe that moments like that one are the reason we are here, living. 

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