Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chakra 5

Names: Vishuddha, Throat Center
Location: Bottom of neck
Area of face:ears
Sense: sound
Color: blue
          Antidote: red
Tone: u (as in blue)
Note: g sharp

Crystals: Sodalite, Azurite,
Aromas: Blue (German) Chamomile, Eucalyptus

Statement: "I want to speak freely and openly."


Many people function from their lower chakras, and society even seems to encourage it.  Opening your fifth chakra is to start to function on a different level, and may be difficult.
This is the center of communication, and you will want to talk about what you are experiencing.  People may fall away, but true friends will always be there, so try to let go of those who are uncomfortable with you instead of holding back. New friends, more on your level, and where you want to be, will start to gravitate towards you.

Children with an open fifth chakra are those who are allowed to speak freely, sing, cry and scream when it is necessary.  They have been encouraged to trust their own instincts.  When they reach school they often have a hard time encountering a new set of rules and values.  This often results in chronic sore throats or ear infections.  They just need to be assured that their reality, although it is different, is valid.
Blue is soothing and calming, effects are especially apparent in small children and the dying. 

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • content
  •  centered
  • can live in the present
  • perfect sense of timing
  • good speaker
  • musically or artistically inspired
  • can meditate and experience divine energy
  • easily grasp spiritual teachings
  • may be overwhelmingly prolific
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • arrogant
  • self righteous
  • talks too much
  • dogmatic
  • addictive
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • timid
  • holds back
  • confused
  • quiet
  • inconsistent
  • unreliable
  • weak
  • manipulative
  • can't express one's thoughts
Contraindications: too much blue for too long may make you sleepy or feel withdrawn.  Yellow and orange can help balance it.  Blue is not helpful for colds, muscle contractions, paralysis or poor circulation.

Glands and organs influenced include the throat, thyroid, nerves, eyes and muscles.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

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