Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chakra 3

Names: Manipura, Solar Plexus Center
Location: solar plexus
Area of face: throat
Color: yellow
          Antidote: violet
Tone: a-o-m (ahh-oo-mm)
Note: e
Crystals: citrine, turquoise
Aromas: peppermint, lemon

Statement: "I want happiness."


The third chakra is the center or personal power.  When this chakra is open you have found work that gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled.  (It make be outside of your job.)  One way to find this passion is to consider what made you happiest as a child.  It is good to build a positive self image when at this chakra level of development.  At the 6th you'll need to let go of that attachment.

In martial arts this area is considered the chi or life force energy.  This is the center of gut-level intuition.  There is another level of intuition at the 6th chakra.

When parents have goals for their children this sets up a conflict in the child's will.  The child will be torn between love for the parents, and will need to develop power and his or her own.  If the child is loyal to the parents he or she will most likely not find their own form of creative expression, and this may turn into a superiority complex (a reflection of parental pride.)  Secretly these people tend to feel inferior because they were never given the opprotunity to develop a sense of self-worth.
In a less developed person yellow will be mixed with red, indicating a obsession with accumulating things for one's self.  Personal power will be directed towards self serving, and will not bring about fulfillment.  Yellow is the color of happiness.

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • Outgoing
  • cheerful
  • respect for self and others
  • strong sense of personal power
  • skillful
  • intellegent
  • relaxed
  • spontaneous
  • expressive
  • takes on new challenges
  • enjoys physical activity
  • enjoys good food
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • Judgemental
  • workaholic
  • perfectionist
  • overly intellectual
  • as an employer:overly demanding
  • as an employee:resentful of authority
  • may need drugs to relax
  • superiority complex fluctuating with inferiority complex
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • depression
  • lacks confidence
  • worries about what others will think
  • confusion
  • feels controlled by others
  • poor digestion
  • afraid of being alone
Contraindictions: people with nervous conditions and hot, red conditions (fever, infection, etc.) should limit use of yellow light to 10 minutes

Glands and organs influenced include the diaphragm (and breath), adrenals, skin and digestive organs.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

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