Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mandalas are a great form of meditation for me.  Even though I am coloring, I'm focusing.  I have a busy mind, and I find in the time it takes me to color these I absorb what I focused on and my mind it quiet.  Another thing I've done to wind down is Sudoku.  It's simple, but requires my entire attention.  After a few it's much easier to meditate!

This book is so awesome I've bought it twice.  It's neat to see the differences when I re-color one. Click on it to buy it from Amazon.

                             Here are some examples I have colored: Click on the image to be taken to the blog with more info on that specific chakra.

Root Chakra:

 Sacral Chakra:

Manipura (3rd chakra at solar plexus.)

Heart Chakra:

Throat Chakra -no blog yet

Ajna (3rd eye): no blog yet

Crown Chakra: no blog yet

These are some other random ones from the book.
The Power of limitless love:
 Human Love

Each page has color recommendations and great affirmations.  I read them periodically as I work on them, it helps keep me focused.  Some of them take hours.  It's very soothing (coloring always has been for me) and gratifying.

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