Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chakra 4

Names: Anahata, Heart center
Location: center of the chest
Area of face:nose
Color: green or pink
          Antidote:none needed
Tone: a (as in ah)
Note: f sharp
Element: air
Crystals:Green Jade from British Columbia,                    Watermelon tourmalin, rose quartz
Aromas: Ylang ylang, rose

Statement: "I want to give and receive love."


The forth chakra is the center or compassion.  When this is open one can transcend their own ego and identify with other people (and all life), and often one gets involved with social causes.  

This chakra is considered one's most vulnerable place.  When one is hurt the first instinct can be to close your heart and build a wall.  Many people have done so from an early age (which is why a majority of the world seems so apathetic.)  

Green is the color of healing.  Green is found in the middle of the color spectrum, and is the most balanced color.  
Pink is the best color for sending love to another person. It is easier for woman to transcend to the 4th chakra, and men to the 3rd, because of the chakras of where the sexual organs are placed.  (Men are more physical, and woman are more emotional.)

Balanced Chakra Energy Characteristics:
  • compassionate
  • humanitarian
  • balanced
  • sees the good in everyone
  • desires to nurture others
  • friendly
  • outgoing
  • active in the community
  • discriminating
  • in touch with feelings
  • empathetic
Excessive Chakra Energy:
  • demanding
  • overly critical
  • tenseness between shoulderblades
  • possessive
  • moody
  • melodramatic
  • manic-depressive
  • uses money to control others
  • has the attitude of a martyr
Deficient Chakra Energy:
  • self pity
  • paranoid
  • indecisive
  • afraid of: letting go, being free, getting hurt, family members getting hurt, being     abandoned
Contraindictions: none

Glands and organs influenced include the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland, and lymph glands.

This information was largely obtained from an awesome book.   Please see the post on the first chakra and scroll to the end to see.

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